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Sampling systems

The role of raw materials traceability in the food and feed industry is becoming increasingly important. We have therefore developed a range of manual and automatic samplers to make the sampling process safe and simple. Sampling can take place directly into vessels, bags or into fully automated sample filling systems. By connecting to one of our fully automated sample filling systems, your samples are extracted per the desired size and quantity, sealed and labelled to prevent tampering with minimal manpower.

Traceability in the food and feed industry

Extraction can take place from silos, funnels, downpipes, as well as other tanks and containers. Due to their small dimensions, our sampling systems are easy to integrate into existing plants. We develop the right system for you, according to the installation position and product.

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EC Directive 178/2002: “The traceability of food, feed, food-producing animals, and any other substance intended to be, or expected to be, incorporated into a food or feed shall be established at all stages of production, processing and distribution.”