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Dosing system for individual bulk material mixtures

The dosing system for tailored bulk material blends is a complete solution that quickly and precisely meters and mixes bulk material blends consisting of up to 24 components automatically, according to a formula. It is possible to produce formulas with a batch size of just 1, as well as formulas with batch sizes of up to 1000.

The special feature here is that the system can produce individual blends according to customer specifications by linking to the on-site ordering system. This means that small customer-specific batches can be produced for blends from the feed and food sector, e.g. dog food, muesli or nut mixtures. The bulk materials can have a medium to coarse-grained structure, e.g. granulates, pellets and croquettes, meaning that a variety of product combinations are possible. Highly accurate dosing of +/- 1-2 g can be achieved.


  • Precise weighing of the individual components, meaning consistent quality
  • Up to 6000 bags per day thanks to storage container
  • Massive time savings compared to manual mixing
  • Customised and unique product blends
  • Easy-to-clean component design
  • Aspiration concept
  • Simple inventory control
  • Suitable for use as a stand-alone unit
  • Efficient control system


  • Up to 24 dosing units possible, depending on the number of components to be mixed
  • Containers from 100 to 450 litres possible, depending on requirements
  • Product bagging as upstream process with big bag dosing (transfer container can be integrated)
  • Cell filling with transfer container system