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Metering technology

We develop and produce various types of dosing screws, conveyors and individual solutions.

High dosing accuracy

Our special dosing screws with high-speed distributors achieve a very high dosing accuracy. They can be adapted to a wide variety of bulk material. All of our dosing screws are individually controllable and have a high discharge capacity and fast switching from coarse to fine flow. Another advantage is the use of vibratory conveyors, which have a accuracy of +/- 1-2 g (depending on material).

Low carryover

We use conveyor belts or round bottom segment conveyors which carry off with little wear. Also a controlled weighing and a removal with a transmitting vessel or a vacuum system can be realized.

Individual requirements

In addition, our big bag dosing system DUO sieves bulk materials, eg. to eliminate dust or breakage, thereby increasing the quality of your product and resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

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