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Dosing technology

We develop and produce various types of dosing screws, conveyor systems and screening machines.

Highly accurate dosing

Our special dosing screws with quick-shot distributors achieve a very high dosing accuracy. These can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of raw materials. All of the dosing screws we manufacture are individually adjustable, have a high discharge capacity and rapid changeover from coarse to fine flow. A further variant uses vibratory feeders that can meter various bulk materials with an accuracy of +/- 1-2 g (depending on the product).

Low carry-over conveying

The material is removed by conveyor belts or round-bottom segment conveyors, which discharge with low carry-over. It is also possible to realise check-weighing and removal by means of a dispatch vessel or vacuum system.

Individual requirements

Our DUO big bag dosing system also screens bulk materials to the desired thickness during dosing, e.g. to remove dust or debris, thereby ensuring higher quality for your product and resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Measurably higher quality

When dosing vitamin powders or additives in the feed and chemical sector in particular, every gram of product counts. We calibrate your scales to ensure precise weighing and the consistent quality of your blends for the long term.

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