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Weighing technology

We develop weighing technology with the main focus on high-precision differential scales for a variety of uses.

Increase efficiency

Our systems are characterized by their possibility of parallel dosing. This has proved to be a timesaver, especially when you are using a lot of different components. Our metering screws achieve a high dosing accuracy, they are usable for all kind of bulk material and have a high discharge capacity.

Prevent mistakes

We deliver our system with complete control system or a link to existing process control system according to your wishes. Via our control system bridging or blocking can be determined quickly. Monitoring systems are features to control the filling of the containers and can avoid mistakes by the operator, as the lids of the containers are blocked by barcodes. Much more features are realizable.

Individual adjustments

Material, dosing accuracy, container size and quantity are tailored to your requirements in close cooperation. There are much more possibilities, e.g. dust-tight enclosures or accessible platforms. Our modular differential scale containers are expandable with optional Big-Bag-Plants or micro dosing systems.

We develop individual concepts for you!